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Confluo smart drains

Confluo smart drains is the line which is for a long time on the market, where it have proved it’s value and which have been constantly improved during the years. It is divided into 4 groups: Confluo Premium models, Confluo Standard models, Confluo Top models and Confluo Gardino models. Main advantages are big variety of models which fits all needs of our clients, modularity and very good relation between price and quality. Confluo shower drains are manufactured by Peštan Company Serbia.


We produce our Confluo Frameless Line model in 9 different grid finishes. It is 2 in 1 system where the same model can be used both with Stainless Steel/Gold and Tile/Glass finish. Premium Line has 360 degree rotable DN 50 mm horizontal output, which gives us possibility of superior 48 l/min flow rate. Minimum installation height is only 62 mm.

Tehnical Frameless
Framless Confluo

Slim line

Confluo Slim Line is linear shower drain model with unique and minimalist design of grid. “Slim” has a body made of high quality plastic and grid made of stainless steel, which we deliver in various sizes + complete accessories and set for hydroisolation. Important benefit of this model is set for leveling of ceramic and innovative ultra thin design of grid.


Main advantages:

– Unique and minimalist design of grid

– ALS – Anti-Leaking System

– Minimum installation height – 72 mm

– Maximum flow rate – 48 l/min

– 360 degree rotatable self-cleaning S base

– Height adjustable grid –  5–20 mm

Confluo Slim line
Confluo Slim line tehnical
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