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дренажа Ане Компани МБ


Excess water in the soil can cause serious problems on land and objects until their complete destruction in landslides and in a very short period of time. Therefore, the proper drainage of the terrain is extremely important to consider during design and preparing the ground for construction. Having regard to consideration the need for drainage of excess water out of the soil Peštan / Konti in its production program included corrugated drainage and polyethylene (PE) pipe for drainage excess water out of the soil of a large range of diameters in accordance with DIN 4262/1. These pipes thanks to its large hydraulic capacity and a wide range of diameters offered fully capable to respond to any request to provide reliable and long-term drainage field.

The special drainage equipment guarantees a large range of different perforations.

Drainage of:

  • highways,

  • agriculture,

  • mines,

  • sports fields

  • yards.



KONTI KAN PP HD drainage pipes SN8 and SN16, system of pipes with high resistance made out of PP in accordance with DIN 4262-1 (TYPE R3) with connected fittings, without use of recycled material, no foam, without filling. Tested and with controlled quality.

  • Partially perforated, multipurpose, fully perforated pipes with 5mm perforations and transport tubes

  • Range of universal fittings

  • Range of PP opening, DN 400 and 500


DN 100,160, 200, 250, 315

DIN 4262-1, EN ISO 9969, EN 1852-1:2009, 1610, EN 13476-3:2007+A1:2009, EN12201-2:2003

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