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Fluenta flushing cistern and plates


Fluenta Concealed Flushing Cistern

The advantages of Fluenta concealed flushing cisterns are perfect functioning in terms of economical and silent flushing, they are invisible in space so that they will ideally fit in small bathrooms, and in large ones they will contribute to better functionality and satisfy the aesthetic requirements of users. A wide selection of flushing plates will fit with any interior.

By choosing one of the Play, Active, Onyx, or Diamond flushing plates and the Confluo or Evolution drain, you will create the perfect pair that will meet your requirements by all standards, and the ambiance in which you stay will exude elegance and a pleasant atmosphere.


Installation method:

  • Installation in prefabricated walls

  • As a self-supporting element for pre-wall installation in drywalls

  • For pre-wall angle installation

  • For universal installation into solid walls



  • Drywall element for wall-mounted toilets with a convealed flushing cistern

  • Concealed element height: 115cm

  • Concealed element width: 55cm

  • For frontal activation

  • Used for mounting a dual flushing plate

  • Possibility to mount start-stop flushing plate

  • Flushing cistern is insulated against condensation

  • Silent HDV filling valve

Fluenta flush plate

Fluenta Concealed Flushing Cistern Technical Data


Technical data:

  • Flushing cistern volume: 9 liters

  • Mounting for dual flushing

  • Large flush: 6L / 9L

  • Small flush: 3L / 4.5L

  • Connection to the water supply: at the top middle/right side

  • Supporting frame made from 40 x 40 mm profiles

  • Supporting frame surface protected by a powder coating in blue

  • Support legs – ranging from 0 to 20 cm

  • Range of brackets for pre-wall installation: from 15 to 20 cm

  • Suitable for the installation of toilet bowls with an axial distance of 18 to 23 cm

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