PE Corrugated pipes ID and OD SN4 - SN8

Polyethylene (PE) ID & OD corrugated pipes are modern, reliable and efficient manner for gravity drainage of all types of rainwater or wastewater. Pipes are defined through an internal diameter which makes it much easier to budget rate. Guaranteed water resistance of the compounds to a pressure of 0.5 bar, a reliable ring stiffness and ease of installation, make these pipes and it complete the following program shafts proven choice. These tubes provide reliability and long life to the installation costs that are lower in comparison with many other pipe systems.

Material: Polyethylene with high density, (PH HD)
Color: Outside – black, inside-blue.
Standard: EH 13476-3

The characteristics of the material:
Density: 0.953gr/cm3
Index of flow (MFI), 0.7-1.5gr/10min (190/5kg)
Module of elasticity: 1200 MPa

Main characteristics:

  • Excellent hydraulic characteristics

  • Excellent resistance to aggressive and polluted water

  • Good resistance on mechanical movements of the soil

  • Very easy installation

  • Long lasting, 100 years with small maintenance requirements

  • The pipes can be produced in dimensions from 6 to 12m or in coil (depends of the purpose)

  • 100% recyclable

  • Ability to joining with traditional fittings.

  • Ability for but welding

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