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ПЕ Црево за вода Пештан Ане Компани МБ

PE - Water 

Peštan PEHD pipes for water conduction under pressure are high quality pipes  made of supreme quality polyethylene PE-80 and PE-100. Pipes made of polyethylene are physiologically and toxicologically completely safe for use in water supply. Complete program Peštan PEHD pipes is produced under the norm EN 12201.

Advantage of this type of pipes comparing to the other types of pipe materials is it’s high flexibility and resistance to seismic impacts and ground movement and can be used in areas with such characteristics. Flexibility radius of polyethylene pipes is 20d. High resistance of polyethylene to scale makes these type of pipes more adequate for usage in water conduction than other pipe materials.

Polyethylene water pipes are resistant to UV rays and temperatures between -30°C and +60°C.

Program :

Production range of Peštan PEHD pipes for conduction of water under pressure has the products of highest quality polyethylene PE-80 and PE-100 in diameters  Ø16 – Ø1200.

Crevo za voda Pestan Ane Kompani MB tetovo

Also these pipes are being made in 4 versions depending on the pressure they are ment for:


SDR27,6 – PN6
SDR17 – PN10
SDR11 – PN16
SDR9 – PN20

(Upon request, it is possible to produce pipes with non-standard working pressures – PN4 and PN25)


Peštan is able to offer complete rogram of welded accessories made in all diameters and in all working pressures. Also other working pressures are available by the request.

Pestan is producing single layers and multilayer PE pipes:

Black pipes with blue stripes
Completely black pipes
Two layer pipes, with outer black and inner white layer
Two layer pipes, with outer blue and inner white layer


Resistance to superficial temperatures:

Under the higher exploitation temperatures  (industrial appliance) it is necessary to adjust the value of PN by using reducing  coefficient from the table















Assembly of polyethylene pipes

There are more ways of connecting polyethylene water pipes:

Head welding
Compression fitting (up to diameter 125)
Connecting sleeves and langes


Head welding and electro-fusion are being executed according to DVS 2207-1


Installation, laying, connecting and examining pipeline of polyethylene is being execute in accordance to valid European norms and guidelines:

EN 805
EN 1610
DVS 2207-1
DVGW W 400-2(A)


Security coefficient of PEHD pipes for water is 1.25

PEHD pipes have high resistance to abrasion

Pressure loss is very low because the friction coefficient is 10x less than with steel pipes

Coefficient of linear extension for polyethylene is 1,3×10-4C-1 (0,13 mm/m°C)


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