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PVC Pipes and fittings 3P

PVC pipes for home sewage systems – 3P pipes together with suitable connectors HTPP gamma are meant for any kind of waste water removal in edification. They are very easily placed, and are connected with suitable elements while connection is reinforced with rubber rings for maximum tightness in joints. This type of pipe is made of very light material, and with that the transport and handling is very easy and simple. Our PVC pipes for home sewage systems are produced as 3 layer pipes.

PVC 3P pipes and fittings

Physical properties of material:


Specific mass 0.9 ÷ 1.0 gr/cm3
Interruptional rigidity 50-60 MPa
Vicat temperature of melting min 79°C
Thermal conductivity 0,54 KJ/mh/°C
Linera coefficiency of thermal stretching 0,08 mm/m/°C

Water absorption 4 mg/cm2


Chemical resistance of material:


PVC sewage pipes are resistant to salt water, alcohol, acids, alkaline, sulfates, aggressive gasses and all types of detergents. On the other hand, they cannot be used for drainage of water with high level of benzene, petrol, acetone.

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