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PVC KG Pipes and fitting 

Peštan PVC pipes for street sewerage systems together with the appropriate fittings are intended for removal of all kinds of waste water in systems of low building construction. They are very easy to install and they are connected with fittings where the rubber ring provides complete seal. This type of pipe is made of very light material, and therefore the transport and handling of these tubes is simple and easy.


Peštan PVC pipes for street sewage systems are made as a three-layer (by EN 13476 standard) or compact (by EN 1401 standard) tube.


Product portfolio of Peštan PVC pipes and fittings for street sewage systems includes  pipes and fittings manufactured from high quality polyvinyl chloride PVC-U in diameters from Ø110 to Ø500. Also these pipes are being made in lenghts of 250mm, 500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm.

Peštan PVC pipes are produced as three layered (EN 13476) or as compact pipes (EN 1401), and all that in 3 versions depending on the rigidity/resistance to outer loading:

Pipe series S-25 (SDR 51) – SN 2 KN/m²
Pipe series S-20 (SDR 41) – SN 4 KN/m²
Pipe series S-16 (SDR 34) – SN 8 KN/m²

Pestan also offers the complete range of fittings, injected and weded, made in all diameters and stiffness. Peštan PVC fiting or outer connecting elements are thanks to it’s geometry are at least two times more rigid than the pipes even though they have the samewal thickness.

Because of that according to EN 1401 fitting class SN4 can be used with pipes SN8, because it’s geometry gives them SN8 rigidity.

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