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TUBO Central vacuum system

TUBÒ is the centralized vacuum cleaner system of Aertecnica.

TUBÒ is an innovative centralized vacuum cleaner system for cleaning rooms and improving the air we breathe.
Unlike normal portable vacuum cleaners, TUBÒ uses sockets and pipes inserted in the walls, which bring the dust sucked into a plant, located in a separate room, towards the container of the same, avoiding recirculation and making the air of the environment we are cleaning more breathable.

No more effort to move the traditional vacuum cleaner around the house in search of a suitable power outlet, no more stress due to extensions that do not arrive and bumps against doors and furniture.

Aertecnica's TUBÒ vacuum cleaner system is so simple and comfortable that it can be used by anyone! It is perfect for cleaning not only houses and apartments, but large properties and environments such as hotels, offices, communities, healthcare facilities, etc. where it can also be used simultaneously by more than one operator.

TUBÒ is not only a very useful accessory, but enhances the places where it is installed and greatly simplifies cleaning at home.

Tubo ane Kompani mb
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