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Waste Management

Modern household makes a big amount of waste  that needs to be put away safely and ecologically. For that purpose Peštan provides modern plastic trash cans adapted to emptying by machine. Cans are being made in three different sizes 120l , 140l and 240l.
Standard color is green but are produced in other colors by demand of recycling needs and easier waste separation.  Cans are being made according to EN 840-2:2013 chapter 1, 5 and 6 made of polyethylene and are resistant to all chemicals that are used in regular households.

Pestan trash cans are made in the following volumes:

120 liters
140 liters
240 liters

Cans are basically being made in dark green color, for the needs of recycling there are yellow and blue color, but by demand can be made in any other.

Pestan Trash can
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