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Valve MISTRAL M*F  /  Вентил М*Ж

Valve MISTRAL M*F / Вентил М*Ж

Ball valve MISTRAL male/female ISO228 with T handle

Вентил Мистрал (TIEMME) машко/женско ISO 228


CODE:2360001 / Dimensions: 1/2" red     / Min. suppliable:1 /Qty. per box:100

CODE:2360006 / Dimensions: 3/4" red    / Min. suppliable:1  /Qty. per box:60

CODE:2360011  / Dimensions: 1" red         / Min. suppliable:1 /Qty. per box:48

CODE:2360031  / Dimensions: 1"1/4 red  / Min. suppliable:1 /Qty. per box:32

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